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The online application takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Please have your supporting documents ready to upload before submitting your application. When uploading files please be aware that there is 5MB size limit per file.
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International Students

  1. Passport copy (mandatory, if you are in Australia already)
  2. Visa copy (mandatory, if you are in Australia already)
  3. All qualification transcripts (mandatory, unless you are applying for an English course)
  4. Current eCoE (mandatory, if you are currently on a student visa)
  5. English certificate copy (mandatory, unless you are applying for an English course)

Local Students

(except applicants for English courses)

  1. Proof of an Australian citizenship or permanent residency (certified copies):
    1. an Australian birth certificate (not birth extract), or
    2. a current Australian passport, or
    3. a current New Zealand passport, or
    4. a naturalisation certificate, or
    5. current green Medicare card, or
    6. proxy declaration for individuals in exceptional circumstances (as per clauses 3.15 – 3.19 of these guidelines), or
    7. formal documentation issued by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection confirming permanent residence.
  1. If the student’s age is relevant to their eligibility and the document produced from the list above does not include a date of birth, one of the below methods of identification needs to be provided:
    1. a current driver’s licence, or
    2. a current learner’s permit, or
    3. a Proof of Age card, or
    4. a Keypass card.
  1. All previous Certificates or Statement of Attainments if applying any credit exemptions (certified copies).


Online application form

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12 VCE"]],[["show_fields","field74"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Senior Secondary School"],["field70","equal_to","English for Secondary Schools"]],[["show_fields","field60"]],"and"],[[["field42","equal_to","AU"]],[["show_fields","field43,field81"]],"and"],[[["field42","not_equal_to","AU"]],[["show_fields","field78"]],"and"],[[["field42","not_equal_to","AU"],["field78","equal_to","I currently hold a valid student visa"]],[["show_fields","field82"]],"and"],[[["field42","not_equal_to","AU"],["field78","equal_to","I hold other valid visa"]],[["show_fields","field51,field82"]],"and"],[[["field42","not_equal_to","AU"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have Australian Citizenship"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have a Permanent Residency"]],[["show_fields","field89,field90"]],"and"],[[["field42","not_equal_to","AU"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have Australian Citizenship"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have a Permanent Residency"],["field100","equal_to","Yes"]],[["show_fields","field83"]],"and"],[[["field42","not_equal_to","AU"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have Australian Citizenship"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have a Permanent Residency"],["field101","equal_to","Yes"]],[["show_fields","field88"]],"and"],[[["field42","not_equal_to","AU"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have Australian Citizenship"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have a Permanent Residency"],["field101","equal_to","No"]],[["show_fields","field108"]],"and"],[[["field42","equal_to","AU"],["field78","equal_to","I have Australian Citizenship"],["field78","equal_to","I have a Permanent Residency"]],[["show_fields","field16,field103,field104,field105,field116,field118,field117,field126,field130,field162,field128,field129,field131,field150,field151"]],"or"],[[["field42","not_equal_to","AU"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have Australian Citizenship"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have a Permanent Residency"]],[["show_fields","field106,field119,field134,field135,field136,field172,field157"]],"and"],[[["field153","contains","Other"]],[["show_fields","field146"]],"and"],[[["field161","equal_to","Yes"]],[["show_fields","field109"]],"and"],[[["field161","equal_to","No"]],[["show_fields","field163"]],"and"],[[["field42","not_equal_to","AU"],["field78","equal_to","I am applying for other visa"]],[["show_fields","field51"]],"and"],[[["field49","not_equal_to","N\/A"],["field49","not_equal_to"]],[["show_fields","field107"]],"and"],[[["field42","equal_to","NZ"],["field45","equal_to","EN"]],[["hide_fields","field49,field160"]],"and"],[[["field136","equal_to","Yes (Short term service, enter no. of weeks below)"]],[["show_fields","field176"]],"and"],[[["field177","equal_to","Yes"]],[["show_fields","field127"]],"and"],[[["field134","equal_to","Yes"]],[["show_fields","field175"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Health & Community Services"],["field57","equal_to","Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community) - Domestic students only"]],[["show_fields","field201,field61"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Business"],["field68","equal_to","Diploma of Creative Enterprise"]],[["show_fields","field64,field203"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Health & Community Services"],["field57","equal_to","Diploma of Community Services"],["field205","equal_to","Perth"]],[["show_fields","field206"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Health & Community Services"],["field57","equal_to","Diploma of Community Services"],["field205","not_equal_to","Perth"]],[["show_fields","field67"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Health & Community Services"],["field57","equal_to","Bachelor of Community Services"]],[["show_fields","field205,field208"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Business"],["field68","equal_to","Advanced Diploma of Business"],["field209","equal_to","Perth"]],[["show_fields","field210"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Business"],["field68","equal_to","Advanced Diploma of Business"],["field209","not_equal_to","Perth"]],[["show_fields","field72"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Business"],["field68","equal_to","Ceritificate IV in Business Administration"]],[["show_fields","field217"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Business"],["field68","equal_to","Diploma of Business"]],[["show_fields","field218"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Business"],["field68","equal_to","Advanced Diploma of Accounting"]],[["show_fields","field209,field220"]],"and"],[[["field42","not_equal_to","AU"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have Australian Citizenship"],["field78","not_equal_to","I have a Permanent Residency"],["field78","not_equal_to","I am applying for a visitor visa"]],[["show_fields","field100,field101"]],"and"],[[["field42","not_equal_to","AU"],["field78","equal_to","I am applying for a visitor visa"]],[["hide_fields","field161,field177,field109,field127"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Hospitality"],["field69","not_equal_to","Certificate III in Patisserie"],["field69","not_equal_to","Certificate IV in Patisserie"]],[["show_fields","field144"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Hospitality"],["field69","equal_to","Certificate III in Patisserie"]],[["show_fields","field223"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Hospitality"],["field69","equal_to","Certificate IV in Patisserie"]],[["show_fields","field223"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Senior Secondary School"],["field70","equal_to","English for Secondary Schools"]],[["show_fields","field63,field58"]],"and"],[[["field55","equal_to","Senior Secondary School"],["field70","not_equal_to","English for Secondary Schools"]],[["show_fields","field61"]],"and"]]
4 Supporting documents
Course Selection

Application for multiple courses is available by choosing courses in both First Course of Study and Additional Courses.

RPL/Credit exemptionIf you have completed any related courses in Australia (for example, Certificate III in Commercial Cookery) and wish to obtain RPL/Credit exemption, please upload copies of completion of certificates here.

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Commencement Date
No of weeks
Additional Courses
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Personal Information

Agent Information

Agent Name
Agent's Phone NumberPlease include your country and area code

Language & Cultural Diversity

City/Town of Birth
How well do you speak English?

Personal Details

Family Name
Given Names
Preferred Name
Date of Birth

Please note that there are special requirements for students who are under 18 years of age, see Guardianship Australia.

Home Country Address

Address in Australia

This is mandatory, if you are applying in Australia.

Building Property Name
Flat/Unit, House no.
Street Name
Suburb, Locality or Town

Postal Address in Australia

If different to home address entered

Building Property Name (Postal)
Flat/Unit, House no. (Postal)
Street Name (Postal)
Suburb, Locality or Town (Postal)
State/Territory (Postal)
Postcode (Postal)
Visa Type
Visa Expire Date
Passport Number
Passport Expire Date
Have you applied for a visa to Australia or any other country and had the visa refused?
ReasonAdvise why you were refused
Do you have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)?
What is your name of the provider?Name & Membership Number & Expiry Date
Would you like us to arrange a cover for you?
Do you have a USI (Unique Student Identifier)?

All students are required to obtain a USI before the course commencement.

Unique Student Identifier
Do you have a VSN (Victorian Student Number)?
Victorian Student Number (VSN)
Disablities/Special Needs
Please specify your special needs

Email address for receiving letter of offer.

Student Contact Information

MobilePlease include your country code and area code if applicable
TelephonePlease include your country code and area code if applicable
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Relationship
Emergency Contact Phone NumberPlease include your country code and area code if applicable
Are you still attending Secondary school?
Highest school level completed
Year completed school level
Did you complete school
Have you successfully completed any of the following?
List qualification in the order of completion.Highest qualification last
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Are you expecting credit exemptions against your previous qualifications?Not applicable for English applications
EmploymentAttach your CV.

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Other Services
Do you require Homestay?
Homestay Application Form
No. of weeks Homestay
Do you require a Airport Pickup?
Airport Pickup Application Form
Do you wish for us to arrange guardianship through Guardianship Australia Pty. Ltd.?
Guardianship Australia form
No. of weeks guardianship
Supporting Documents
Upload documents

Local Students:
100 point identity documents including citizenship or permanent residency evidence and previous study transcripts for CT's.

International Students:
Passport copy, Visa copy, All Qualification Transcripts, Current COEs, English certificate, Others.

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Please indicate if you hold any of the following concessions:a copy of the cars is required to be presented
Of the following categories which BEST describes your main reason for undertaking this course?
Have you enrolled in or completed a course similar to the course you are applying for elsewhere?
Have you completed other formal education that you believe may entitle you to credit exemptions?
Where did you hear about us?
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Final Declaration
  1. I, the Student apply to Acknowledge Education Pty Ltd (ABN 15 005 596 565) trading as Stott’s College, Front Cooking School, Melbourne Language Centre, Affectors Academy for the services set out above. I agree to be bound by the General Terms and Conditions – Acknowledge Education Pty Ltd on the website and all of Acknowledge Education Pty Ltd Policies and Procedures as set out on Acknowledge Education Pty Ltd website from time to time.
  2. I declare that I have provided all the required information and that the information is true, reliable and accurate
  3. I will inform Acknowledge Education Pty Ltd immediately if my contact details change while I am a student. 
  4. I understand that the information I provide to Acknowledge Education Pty Ltd may be made available to the Australian Government and designated authorities and, if relevant, the Tuition Protection Service. In other circumstances, information collected on this form or during my enrollment can be disclosed without my prior consent where authorised or required by law.
  5. I understand that if I am under 18 years of age I am required to have a guardian as defined by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. 
  6. I understand that if I am a VCE student at Stott’s College I am required to have a guardian as defined by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection regardless of age.
  7. I hereby apply to become a student of Acknowledge Education Pty Ltd.

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