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Online portal - Instructions for students

If you can’t log in or are having trouble using Moodle, please email:

Alternatively, you can contact our eLearning Support Team below:

Maximillian Purnomo

Phone: 03 9 663 3399, Extension 109

 Zoe Ding

Phone: 03 9 663 3399, Extension 115

Support available weekdays from ~8:30am to ~5:00pm GMT +10

Comprehensive PDF Guide

How to join Live Lectures, Tutorials etc

Compact Guide

As a student of The Melbourne Language Centre, Stott’s College or Front Cooking School, you have access to a robust set of tools to assist you with online learning.

Our primary portal is Moodle, this is what you will use as the entry point to gain access to all required information and activities; such as lecturers, tutorials, revision slides, articles etc.

please review the below instructions to get started: 

1. Logging in

Once you see this screen, you know you’ve successfully found the portal.

Please enter your username and password provided to you by the school.

2. Selecting a course (class)

You may be enrolled in several courses (classes) at once, you will first see them upon logging in.

In this example, we will select ACC103 as the class we want to view.

3. Viewing the course

Now you will be viewing the main screen of the course, scroll down to find the various important information.

Assessments are the most crucial part in undertaking and successfully passing your course, so please review the resources under that tab. Depending on the class, the way you submit your assessments (e.g. assignment, essay, exam etc) will vary, your instructor will inform you.

Now you’re ready to start watching and / or reading lectures, and revising content. Click on the relevant week, and go through the resources.

The Lecture Slides and Video Recording are the most essential material you must review.