Online Application

The online application takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Please have your supporting documents ready to upload before submitting your application.

International Students

  1. Passport copy (mandatory, if you are in Australia already)
  2. Visa copy (mandatory, if you are in Australia already)
  3. All qualification transcripts (mandatory, unless you are applying for an English course)
  4. Current eCoE (mandatory, if you are currently on a student visa)
  5. English certificate copy (mandatory, unless you are applying for an English course)

Local Students

(except applicants for English courses)

  1. Proof of an Australian citizenship or permanent residency (certified copies):
    1. an Australian birth certificate (not birth extract), or
    2. a current Australian passport, or
    3. a current New Zealand passport, or
    4. a naturalisation certificate, or
    5. current green Medicare card, or
    6. proxy declaration for individuals in exceptional circumstances (as per clauses 3.15 – 3.19 of these guidelines), or
    7. formal documentation issued by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection confirming permanent residence.
  1. If the student’s age is relevant to their eligibility and the document produced from the list above does not include a date of birth, one of the below methods of identification needs to be provided:
    1. a current driver’s licence, or
    2. a current learner’s permit, or
    3. a Proof of Age card, or
    4. a Keypass card.
  2. All previous Certificates or Statement of Attainments if applying any credit exemptions (certified copies).


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