Academic Board

Independent Chair

Dr. Julie Foreman

  • Appointed to the Academic Board in 2021
  • Member of CPA
  • Former Deputy Dean, Swinburne University
  • Published expert in Risk Management in Corporate Governance
  • Experienced business professional

Independent member - Monash University

Prof. Chris Trotter

  • Appointed to the Academic Board in 2020
  • Emeritus Professor, Monash University
  • Author of 6 books
  • Director of the Monash Criminal Justice Research Consiortium

Independent member - University of Wollongong

Dr. Caleb Ferguson

  • Appointed to the Board in June 2021
  • Author of over 100 published articles
  • Co – editor of Nursing and Midwifery Research 6th Ed.
  • Affiliated with University of Wollongong, WSU and UTS

Independent Member - Curtin University

Dr. Pejman Ghasemi Poor Sabet

  • Teaching Academic at Curtin University¬†
  • Specialist in Civil Engineering and Construction Management
  • Expert in construction productivity
  • Numerous publication in construction and civil engineering


Dr. Narelle Whatley

  • Joined AE and the Academic Board in 2021
  • Community Social Worker
  • PhD, University of Tasmania

General Manager

Mr. Chien Vu

  • Former lecturer and Coordinator at Monash University for Department of Social Work
  • Over 10 years with Acknowledge Education, previously as Course Coordinator and Head of Department
  • Over 20 years experience in the welfare sector with extensive experience as a case manager and counsellor