Students celebrate Harmony Week 2024

From colorful cultural displays to traditional performances, the AE Harmony week is marked by a joyful exchange of traditions, languages, and experiences.

Students celebrate Harmony Week 2024

During Harmony Week, students in our Sydney campus come together in a vibrant celebration that embraces diversity, fosters inclusiveness, and highlights the profound impact of a sense of belonging for individuals from all walks of life. Organised by the Student Representative Council (SRC) team, the event was a blockbuster success, thanks to the guidance of Lecturer Felicity Oswell and Campus Operations Manager, Saroj.

Here are some of the highlights from the day:

  1. Welcome Speech: The event kicked off with a warm welcome speech by the campus operations manager, setting the tone for a day of cultural exchange and celebration.
  2. Acknowledgment of the Country: Our esteemed Lecturer Sarah Partick, who hails from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community, delivered a heartfelt Acknowledgment of the Country. Her words resonated with the significance of the land and its traditional custodians.
  3. Traditional Australian Dance: Lecturer Felicity Oswell demonstrated the beauty and grace of Traditional Australian Dance. Students and staff had the opportunity to learn and appreciate this rich cultural heritage.
  4. Thank You Speech: Dr Doris Asante, the Senior Course Coordinator, concluded the event with a             thank-you speech. Her words expressed gratitude to everyone involved and emphasized the importance of unity and understanding. Doris also encouraged more students to be part of SRC and put forward their ideas.
  5. Cultural March and Performances: Students participated in a lively Cultural March around the campus, showcasing their diverse backgrounds. Cultural performances, including music, dance, and storytelling, added colour and vibrancy to the festivities.
  6. Fun Games: Laughter and companionship filled the air as students engaged in fun games coordinated by SRC member Garry.
  7. Global Cuisine: The event wouldn’t be complete without a delightful culinary journey. Staff and students shared dishes from different countries. In the spirit of Harmony Day, let us continue to embrace diversity, foster inclusivity, and build harmonious communities. Together, we can create a more understanding and compassionate world.  A big shout-out to our SRC members Rabita, Ronak, Rabnawaz, Garry, Sujan, and Parina who was also the MC, for their exemplary hosting.


The air was filled with excitement and positivity as students from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs join hands to foster understanding and respect. We would like to extend our thanks to all the staff and students who participated in this event. Harmony Week serves as a reminder of the strength found in embracing diversity, creating an inclusive community where every voice is valued and celebrated.





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