Welcome Day

On Acknowledge Education’s Welcome Day, you will meet your new classmates, lecturers and trainers, academic support officers, and student services officers.  We have experienced a great deal of social disconnection since the beginning of the pandemic.  NOW it is time that we CONNECT, ENGAGE and get to know each other!

You will discover more about your learning facilities, the details of your courses that you are starting in your orientation on Welcome Day.


Welcome Day Schedule 2023

Vocational Courses (Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma)

January 2023 Intake Start Date: 30/01/2023

Melbourne / BrisbaneTuesday, 17/01/2023On- Campus
SydneyWednesday, 18/01/2023On-Campus
PerthThursday, 19/01/2023On-Campus

April 2023 Intake Start Date: 24/04/2023

Melbourne / BrisbaneTuesday, 11/04/2023On- Campus
SydneyWednesday, 12/04/2023On-Campus
PerthThursday, 13/04/2023On-Campus

July 2023 Intake Start Date: 17/07/2023

Campus Date Mode
Melbourne / Brisbane Tuesday, 04/07/2023 On- Campus
Sydney Wednesday, 05/07/2023 On-Campus
Perth Wednesday, 06/07/2023 On-Campus

October 2023 Intake Start Date: 02/10/2023

Melbourne / BrisbaneTuesday, 26/09/2023On- Campus
SydneyWednesday, 27/09/2023On-Campus
PerthWednesday, 28/09/2023On-Campus

Higher Education Courses (Bachelors)

Feb 2023 Intake Start Date: 06/02/2023

Melbourne / BrisbaneTuesday, 24/01/2023On- Campus
SydneyWednesday, 25/01/2023On-Campus
PerthThursday, 26/01/2023On-Campus

May 2023 Intake Start Date: 29/05/2023

Melbourne / BrisbaneTuesday, 16/05/2023On- Campus
SydneyWednesday, 17/05/2023On-Campus
PerthThursday, 18/05/2023On-Campus

September 2023 Intake Start Date: 18/09/2023

Melbourne / BrisbaneTuesday, 05/09/2022On- Campus
SydneyWednesday, 06/09/2022On-Campus
PerthThursday, 07/09/2022On-Campus

More details of your Welcome Day will be notified by our Student Services Department when your enrolment is complete.