Your Care team

To get the best from your experience of living and studying in Australia, it’s important you have guidance, support and counselling available when you need it.

If you are under 18 years of age or studying Year 11 or 12 VCE, you are required to appoint a responsible adult and submit a Nomination of Accommodation and Responsible Adult Form.

You can choose your own responsible adult, or to appoint a care team. “Your Care Team” will provide:

General Support Services
• Regular visits with students to ensure your academic, emotional, cultural, social and spiritual needs are met
• Financial supervision and guidance
• General assistance in matters relating to appointments, banking, insurance, and memberships.

Academic Care
• Orientation programs that meet your requirements
• Regular contact with the school to ensure academic progress and comfort within the school environment
• Regular submission of school reports and other relevant details to parents overseas
• Relaying any of your of your parents’ concerns or interests to the school.

Emergency Assistance
• Provides 24-hour on-call ‘Care Team’ assistance, including emergency first aid and first-language counselling
• Contacts your parents and establishes a communication channel that can be used in the event of any emergency.

Please view the fee list here.

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