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Welcome to Acknowledge Education

True to our name, we recognise and celebrate every student’s aspirations, achievements, and unique backgrounds. Our mission extends beyond merely providing education, instead we believe in creating an engaging learning environment that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters growth in character, critical thinking, and valuable life skills.

Our journey began as an English language school in Victoria, but today, our educational footprint has expanded across a national multi-sector academic portfolio with campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. As we have grown, so has our commitment to delivering relevant courses and providing excellent and innovative teaching practices. We continuously strive to ensure that our courses and industry partnerships are relevant, our teaching methods are informed by best practices, and our outcomes are impactful. We take pride in our understanding of the needs of international students, and our campuses resonate with a community-centric vibe, ensuring that every student feels a sense of belonging.

Whether you are looking to upskill through a VET course, delve deep into higher education, or explore our diverse range of programs, you can take comfort in knowing that our team of highly qualified educators and personalised support services are committed to providing you with an enriching educational experience that will set you up for success in your studies that prepares you not just academically, but for the professional challenges you will meet in the real world.

One of our standout strengths is our dedicated commitment to student well-being and achievement. We prioritise a safe campus environment, ensuring every student thrives in a secure and supportive setting.

We are ready to help you start your educational journey. Whether you are a prospective student thinking about your future, a professional passionate about transforming lives, or just a curious visitor keen on learning more about us – we acknowledge you and invite you to a journey of discovery, growth, and unlocking your full potential with us at Acknowledge Education.

Chien Vu
Chief Executive Officer
Acknowledge Education


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